funic souffle

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a soft, blowing auscultatory sound.
cardiac souffle any heart murmur of a blowing quality.
funic souffle (funicular souffle) a hissing souffle synchronous with fetal heart sounds, probably from the umbilical cord.
placental souffle a souffle supposed to be produced by the blood current in the placenta; called also placental bruit.
uterine souffle a sound made by the blood within the arteries of the gravid uterus.
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fe·tal souf·fle

a blowing murmur, synchronous with the fetal heart beat, sometimes only systolic and sometimes continuous, heard on auscultation over the pregnant uterus.
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(soof'fl) [Fr. souffler, to puff]
A soft blowing sound heard in auscultation; a bruit; an auscultatory murmur.

cardiac souffle

Cardiac murmur.

fetal souffle

A purring sound heard over the pregnant uterus and having the same rate as the fetal heartbeat. The sound is caused by blood flowing through vessels in the umbilical cord. Synonym: funic souffle

funic souffle

Fetal souffle.

placental souffle

The loud blowing murmur heard along the side of the uterus, caused by blood entering the dilated arteries of the uterus in the last months of pregnancy and synchronous with the maternal pulse.
Synonym: uterine souffle

splenic souffle

The sound heard over the spleen in various diseases.

umbilical souffle

See: umbilical souffle

uterine souffle

Placental souffle.
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