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camera, fundus 

A camera attached to an indirect ophthalmoscope aimed at photographing the image of the fundus of the eye. This image is produced by the objective of the ophthalmoscope at the first focal point of the objective of the viewing microscope (and of the camera), which forms an image on the film. A flip mirror within the optical path of the viewing microscope allows the observer to view the image of the fundus and focus it, thus ensuring that the image being photographed is as clear as that being viewed. Fundus cameras usually require a dilated pupil of about 4 mm and their fields of view extend up to 45º. They provide an objective photographic record of any condition in the fundus. They can also be used to take photographs of the anterior segment of the eye. See ocular fundus; indirect ophthalmoscope; scanning laser ophthalmoscope.


pl. fundi [L.] the bottom or base of an organ, or the part of a hollow organ farthest from its mouth.
Enlarge picture
Fundus of the cat. By permission from Sack W, Wensing CJG, Dyce KM, Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy, Saunders, 2002

fundus of bladder
the depths or cranial part of the urinary bladder.
fundus camera
used to photograph the fundus of the eye.
fundus of eye
the back portion of the interior of the eyeball, visible through the pupil by use of the ophthalmoscope.
fundus of gallbladder
the dilated portion of the gallbladder.
nasal fundus
the caudal extremity of the nasal cavity, occupied by the ethmoid bone.
nontapetal fundus
the nonreflective portion.
ocular fundus
see fundus of eye (above).
fundus reticuli sulci
floor of the reticular groove.
fundus of stomach
the part of the stomach to the left and above the level of the opening between the stomach and esophagus.
tigroid fundus
one lacking pigment so that underlying choroid vessels are visible as irregular stripes.
fundus tympani
the floor of the tympanic cavity.
unpigmented nontapetal fundus
lack of pigment permits larger blood vessels of the choroid to appear on fundoscopic examination. Seen in Siamese cats, dogs with merle coat color and Appaloosa horses.
fundus uteri
the part of the uterus between the cervix and the horns of the uterus.
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US researchers [14] have also built a prototype mobile fundus camera that will cut costs significantly and potentially make screening for diabetic blindness even more cost-effective.
When accounting for travel, we considered that the fundus camera photo was taken when the patient was already in the clinic for a general health appointment and thus we did not need to factor in the cost of the clinic visit or clinic overhead as it was a fixed expense.
The fundus camera is a specialised microscope with an attached camera and the digital photos allow you to see what your optometrist sees.
He used an ophthalmoscope and fundus camera to assess the health of the back of her eyes.
We have 30-minute minimum appointments and a fundus camera for retinal photography has provided significant gains in pathology detection and monitoring.
Dr Al Alawi was speaking at a donation ceremony, where the Rotary Club of Salmaniya presented a BD16,000 fundus camera to the Health Ministry to detect retinopathy among diabetics.
The FF450plus Fundus camera, which is used to detect early signs of eye disease in people with diabetes, has now been handed over to the George Eliot Hospital Diabetes Centre to coincide with World Diabetes Day.
So, in some ways, [the SIO] fits right in between the fundus camera on one end and the OCT on the other end," he added.
Ophthalmology Devices Market (Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scanner, Fundus Camera, Tonometer, Pachymeter, Perimeter, Slit Lamp, Excimer, YAG Laser, Femtosecond Laser, IOL, Contact Lens) - Competitive Landscape & Global Forecasts to 2018
Photographing the back of the eye using the fundus camera can also detect and monitor the development of these diseases.
Not only a potential lifesaver, the fundus camera also helps customers understand the outcome of sight tests and give a lasting record which can be used for comparison purposes on future visits.
To the Editor: We congratulate Mash and co-authors on their study on screening for diabetic retinopathy with a mobile fundus camera.