fundus biomicroscopy

biomicroscopy, fundus 

Observation of the fundus of the eye with a biomicroscope. It requires an additional, usually hand-held, lens (+90 D, +78 D, +60 D, etc.) placed between the patient's eye (with the pupil usually dilated) and the slit-lamp, which is adjusted to be coaxial with the eye. This method provides a real, inverted and reversed stereoscopic view of the fundus. See illumination; gonioscopic lens; Hruby lens; slit-lamp.
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Fundus biomicroscopy lenses are probably the most important tool that the majority of optometrists have at their disposal to screen and diagnose posterior eye pathology.
Otherwise use the slit-lamp biomicroscope and direct illumination through a dilated pupil to view the anterior vitreous and fundus biomicroscopy to view the posterior vitreous.