fundamental frequency

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fun·da·men·tal fre·quen·cy

the principal component of a sound, which has the greatest wavelength, hence the lowest tone in a sound; sounds are composed of a fundamental tone and overtones or higher tones. See: harmony, noise.

fun·da·men·tal fre·quen·cy

(F0) (fŭn'dă-men'tăl frē'kwĕn-sē)
1. acoustics The basic frequency of a vibrating object or sound as opposed to its harmonics, or the principal component of a complex sound wave.
2. The frequency of vocal fold vibration at the glottis, unaffected by resonance.
See also: optimal pitch
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In contrast to the improving fundamentals in a number of the major emerging market economies, all too many of the developed economies have allowed their economic fundamentals to deteriorate in a disturbing manner.
Sparking the skepticism in the sector that has led many to bet against REITs, despite their recent streak of performance, has been real estate's own conundrum, the seemingly counter-intuitive shrinking of cap rates despite a period of weak fundamentals.
26, our feature on green sand molding is a true return to the fundamentals as the article details some of the key steps metalcasters must follow to ensure proper green sand preparation for molding.
For Dorsey, the biggest reasons to sell include when fundamentals change, competition is heating up, growth is slowing down, or the market has become saturated.
But companies with poor fundamentals relative to their sector benchmarks should think twice about being issuers.
The fundamentals of money management can help people make smart decisions that promote their own well-being and, on a broader scale, foster a more efficient economy.
The OneSource(R) Business Browser(SM) product line is the first platform to offer the Multex Fundamentals database of international public companies to business professionals.
RIM professionals need knowledge of some well-established legal fundamentals that involve legal imperatives, guidelines, and procedures.
NEWHALL - Known as ``the sweet science'' by purists, boxing means more than jabs and hooks to the regulars at the community center's city-funded boxing program, where youths and adults learn fundamentals and discipline.

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