fundamental tone

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fun·da·men·tal tone

the component of lowest frequency in a complex sound.
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Although the fundamental tones for each mosquito didn't change very much during a "fly by"--females still produced a fundamental 400-hertz tone and males a 600-hertz tone--each mosquito produced a faint harmonic note, right around 1,200 hertz, that was closely in sync.
For the complex numbers that delineate the fundamental tones whose symphony is the accumulation of primes are precisely those complex numbers that bring Riemann's zeta function to zero.
Within the harmonic generator, a substraction circuit is included to cancel the fundamental tones in order to get only the 1M3 and IM5.
But move the fundamental tones into the ultrasonic range, say 40 and 41 kHz.
Because Stockhausen's serial conception of durations is no longer based on the multiplication of a smallest rhythmic value, but rather starts from the equal division of a metrical "fundamental phase" [22]--which is undefined in its temporal dimension to begin with but is thought of as equivalent to the fundamental tone, he developed in a second stage a "tempered chromatic scale of durations" (Stockhausen 1959, 21) with reference to the fundamental phases--in analogy to the twelve "fundamental tones" of the octave.
58), and further - and with equal originality - that "the structure of Rameau's genealogy of sound, from the fundamental tones of the corps sonore to the complex configurations of music, is reproduced in Condillac's synchronic view of knowledge" (p.
In the first of three movements, the oscillations contain both fundamental tones and harmonics, almost like the sounds from a musical instrument.
1]) are the most significant contributor to distortion in that they are very near the fundamental tones and are not readily filtered out as is the case of the third-order intermodulation products (2[f.
The simulator allows designers to specify any number of fundamental tones for analysis and to co-simulate EM, linear and non-linear circuits.
At the output, the amplified fundamental tones are present in addition to several harmonic frequencies.

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