fundamental particle

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fun·da·men·tal particle

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Information has even more universal character than mass, because a number of fundamental particles, such as photon, have no mass at all.
iii) Qualitatively explains why the photon is the only massless fundamental particle, why QCD has short range, and why neutrinos are not strictly massless.
An Irish physicist, George Johnstone Stoney (1826-1911), suggested that electricity existed in fundamental particles, as matter did, and that all these particles carried the same electric charge.
Planck] is the rest mass of a fundamental particle.
The ship had been waiting in port for months in search of the Great White Fundamental Particle, which would fulfil a prediction made by Captain Higgs long ago when he first caught sight of it, or at least thought he had caught sight of it.
a mix of three quarks; and, most celebrated by far, the Higgs boson, the only fundamental particle of the three.
Every fundamental particle (every electron, neutron and proton, to be specific), explained Hunter, has the intrinsic atomic property of "spin.
In [5], taking a non-standard view of the fundamental particle masses, the quantization proposition not only results in a single mass formula for the W, p, e and electron generations, it can solve the Cosmological Constant Problem and the Matter Only Universe Problem.
Iris a very smart way to apply technology developed from biology to a fundamental particle physics problem," says Jocelyn Monroe, a dark matter physicist at MIT and the Royal Holloway University of London.
Many physicists are placing their bets on dark matter being a new fundamental particle that interacts only very weakly with normal matter-but strongly enough to be detected in experiments deep underground where confusing cosmic ray events are screened by over a kilometer of solid rock.
2 Fundamental particle mass, a spin quantized process?

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