fundal massage

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fun·dal mas·sage

(fŭnd'ăl mă-sahzh')
In obstetrics, manipulation of the postpartum uterus through the abdominal wall to avert the risk of postpartum hemorrhage due to uterine atony.
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fundal massage

Manual stimulation of a boggy postpartum uterus to generate effective contractions, express clots, and limit postpartum hemorrhage. To relax the patient's abdominal muscles, the birth attendant places the patient in the lithotomy position. Cupping the dominant hand around the fundus and placing the other hand just above the pubic symphysis to support the lower uterine segment, the attendant gently massages the uterine fundus. When the fundus is firm, gentle downward pressure expresses any clots that have accumulated in the uterine cavity. See: postpartum hemorrhage; uterine inversion


Exerting downward pressure on an uncontracted fundus may cause uterine inversion and massive hemorrhage.
See also: massage
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In 12-81% of deliveries, researchers observed providers performing cord traction without supporting the uterus; in 10-73%, providers performed fundal massage after fetal (rather than placental) delivery.

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