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A branch of psychology concerned with the function of mental processes in humans and animals, especially the role of the mind, intellect, emotions, and behavior in an individual's adaptation to the environment. Compare: structuralism.
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As noted, functionalism characterizes mental states in terms of their causal connections with perceptual inputs, behavioral outputs, and other mental states.
Breivik discusses functionalism as a backdrop for his study in "The Concept of Musical Functionalism," beginning on page 65.
In this brief exposition, (4) I describe the existing paradigm, explain what I see as the growing pressure on this paradigm and the multiplication of exceptions, propose a social science functionalist paradigm, and explain the worldview implications of functionalism.
On the other, it is Redefining Functionalism, a footnoted text that seeks to define a larger architectural agenda.
This connection between functionalism and community is among the book's most intriguing dimensions.
Her feminist functionalism is verbalized at her first trial in an argument with John Winthrop regarding women's public speech.
Functionalism: Functionalism accounts for mental states by focusing on manifestations such as beliefs, desires, and emotions, looking at consciousness as the interaction of functional processes, rather than seeking explanation by referring to physical media such as neurons ("Functionalism [Philosophy of Mind]"))
An influential doctrine in the philosophy of mind, congruent not only with neurobiology but with cognitive psychology and computer science, is computer functionalism.
They concern functionalism and the difference between coercion and moral suasion.
The concentration of effort within this narrow range has resulted in Functionalism becoming dominant within the subject domain.
Theoretical perspectives ranging from functionalism to Marxism have been invoked for this purpose.
From these ideas branch philosophies such as functionalism and cognitivism.