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A branch of psychology concerned with the function of mental processes in humans and animals, especially the role of the mind, intellect, emotions, and behavior in an individual's adaptation to the environment. Compare: structuralism.
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Now one cannot read far in the typical elementary exposition of functionalism in philosophy of mind without finding the expositor, though supposedly discussing natural activities of the human mind or brain, turning to analogies with artifacts designed by agents with intended purposes for them: most often computers, but sometimes pumps, and in one case even mousetraps (Anderson 2003).
That is, according to most versions of functionalism, a mental state of any given type (e.g., feeling pain) may be realized by states of various physical types.
Breivik begins the first part of his study, "Musical Functionalism: Perspectives in Early 20th-Century Art" (pp.
This new paradigm, described below, might be labeled "social science functionalism." In this sense, our crisis is an intellectual or theoretical crisis, but it has important real world effects.
On the other, it is Redefining Functionalism, a footnoted text that seeks to define a larger architectural agenda.
This connection between functionalism and community is among the book's most intriguing dimensions.
Her feminist functionalism is verbalized at her first trial in an argument with John Winthrop regarding women's public speech.
The barrel is elegantly shaped in a single piece that emphasizes its puristic lines and ensures a high degree of functionalism. The style is unmistakable--the trumpet shape, ribbed end cap, and spring-loaded clip all are familiar features to those who appreciate the fine art of writing by hand and the Graf von Faber-Castell brand name.
Where is the passion, the pride and the purpose - bar a deeply dull functionalism for the latter?
Otto captures the sense of upheaval and turmoil that marked the European era and the functionalism that saw this noble stream reduced to a sewer.
I have to refer you to Max Weber and functionalism - democracy can't always work.
Philosophy of mind: Putnam's contribution to the philosophy of mind argue for functionalism, the idea that the mind is like a computer, although he later recanted this view ("Philosophy of Mind")

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