functional test

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functional test

Clinical medicine A test in which the activity of a particular organ or gland is measured based on the activity evoked by the hormone, factor, or other product
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func·tion·al test

(fŭngk'shŭn-ăl test)
The measurement or qualification of activities identified by someone as essential to personal ADLs.
See also: functional activity
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On Table 4 for functional tests, the strongest correlation is between the STS30 and the PT/BW on left side at second set (r = 0.945), and the lowest correlation is between the TUG and the PT on left side at second set (rho = -0.898).
Although his analysis showed that stress SPECT was the most cost-effective option for follow-up testing of a patient with an equivocal CT result, "it could be any functional test" because they all have nearly the same performance, he added.
We stopped the test generation according to the functional test termination condition when the last iteration selected no new test patterns.
In an earlier case, the court had held that the transactional test was the sole test determining whether income was business income; the functional test did not apply.(11) After the earlier case was decided, the Kansas Department of Revenue adopted the MTC regulations.(12) The Department then argued in Chief Industries that the earlier case was distinguishable because the regulations had not been in effect and that the regulations were controlling in the case before the court.
In the Suzhou facility, if the complexity of an inline functional test operation appears to be causing operators significant stress, or if there is wide variation in the ability of operators to keep pace with the line, the process is redesigned.
Static data can still be programmed into the flash, however, if they are only a few megabytes, as in those found in firmware needed to enable PCB boot up at the functional test stage, or when dynamic data programming is needed.
In the functional test which then follows, four test specimens and 12 sheets of WC paper with clearly defined characteristics are thrown into the WC through a template.
Functional tests measure an actual biological end point, such as platelet inhibition.
Functional test. Although it has been around the high-volume manufacturing line for a while, functional test is not meant to replace ICT.
Agilent Technologies introduced a family of USB-based instruments designed for flexible configurations and quick setup in electronic functional test and troubleshooting applications.
The companies have worked together for years, and National said the acquisition would strengthen the integration between functional test and design tools and advance graphical system design technology.
The courts are split as to whether the UDITPA business-income definition requires that both: (1) the transaction giving rise to the income is in the regular course of the corporation's income (transactional test); and (2) the acquisition, management, use and disposition of the property are integral parts of the corporation's regular business operations (functional test).

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