functional shank

func·tion·al shank

(fŭngk'shŭn-ăl shangk)
Portion of the instrument shank that allows the working-end to be adapted to the tooth surface; begins below the working-end and extends to the last bend in the shank nearest the handle.
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Micro Mini Five[TM] Area-specific Increased shank strength Gracey Curettes designs and rigidity for Modified Gracey powerfully effective Curettes strokes with less effort and fatigue for clinician Blade length 50% shorter than standard or After-Five Gracey curettes Blade width 20% thinner than Mini-Five Gracey curettes for accessing furcations and root depressions (concavities) Elongated terminal and functional shanks allow increased reach and access into deep pockets Langer Curettes: After Universal Curette Designed for Five Langer 3/4 designs that are instrumentation in deeper Modified Gracey site-enhanced periodontal pockets.

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