functional progression

func·tion·al pro·gres·sion

(fungkshŭn-ăl prō-greshŏn)
1. A program of exercises designed to develop balanced mobility, active stability, and integrated strength in rehabilitation of a muscle group.
2. In mental health, the measurement of increase or decrease of intellectual function.
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In current clinical practice, functional progression is monitored by standard automated perimetry (SAP).
For this reason, we included eyes that had neither photographic ONH nor functional progression for a median retrospective follow-up period of 3.9 years (Table 2).
Two introductory chapters cover the benefits of functional progression, present guidelines for initiating functional progression, and describe key components of functional progression programs.
Predictors of cognitive and functional progression in patients with probable Alzheimer's disease.
Functional progression is the best way to gauge readiness to return to play, Dr.
The Ranchos Los Amigos Level of Cognitive Function was selected as the evaluation tool for functional progression on the clinical pathway.
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