functional limitation

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functional limitation

In rehabilitation science, any restriction in the performance of activities resulting from disease, injury, or environmental restrictions. Synonym: activity limitation; disability.
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functional limitation,

n according to the World Health Organization (WHO), any health problem that prevents a person from completing a range of tasks, whether simple or complex.
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Moderate-to-strong positive, linear relationships existed among the fatigue impact measures and MS functional limitation (range: r = .
This was a forty-nine items proforma which explains the positive and negative effects of health of oral cavity in seven domains such as functional limitations physical pain psychological discomforts physical disability Psychological disability Social disability and handicap.
Asthma functional limitation was derived from caregiver report on the Asthma Functional Severity Scale (Rosier et al.
Individually investigating and managing impairment and functional limitations is the least cost effective and sustainable strategy.
Although any given object can be referred to by naming either its structural properties or its functional properties, the choice between structural and functional limitations in a claim has a significant implication for a patentee's rights: it determines claim scope.
After that date, all PTs, OTs and SLPs must use a series of special codes to complete functional limitation reporting for Medicare patients at designated intervals.
11-14] domain and total scores, except for on the functional limitation domain.
As a result, only the sicker individuais with Meniere syndrome were counted because subjects with recurring Meniere syndrome who did not have a functional limitation or contact with the healthcare system at the time of the NHIS interview were not included.
Combining resistance training with aerobic exercise is the best strategy for simultaneously reducing insulin resistance and improving functional limitations in obese older adults, according to a new report in the Archives of Internal Medicine.
After each functional limitation definition participants responded to four (4) recurring questions.
For Impairment-targeted interventions, functional impact will be identified more easily with measures of Capability/ Functional Limitation or Capacity than with measures of Performance.

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