functional group

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func·tion (f),

1. The special action or physiologic property of an organ or other part of the body.
2. To perform its special work or office, said of an organ or other part of the body.
3. The general properties of any substance, depending on its chemical character and relation to other substances, according to which it may be grouped (for example, acids, bases, alcohols, esters).
4. A particular reactive grouping in a molecule, for example, a functional group, such as the -OH group of an alcohol.
5. A quality, trait, or fact that is so related to another as to be dependent on and to vary with this other.
6. A mathematic variable or expression.
[L. functio, fr. fungor, pp. functus, to perform]
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It can be seen as expected that there is a gradual systematic bathochromic shift of the important MLCT transition as the electron affinity of the functional group located on the polypyridyl ligand is increased.
All phytoplankton species were assembled into functional groups following the criteria established in the study by Reynolds, Huszar, Kruk, Naselli-Flores and Melo (2002) and reviewed by Padisak, Crossetti and NaselliFlores (2009).
The 23 rare species represented five Water Plant Functional Groups. The cover of two functional groups and two species were significantly different before and after inundation.
In this region AC was deprived from carboxylic functional group [30].
Keywords: Crude protein; Water-soluble carbohydrates; NDF; ADF; Functional group composition; Species richness.
Hence, it is assumed that it may be possible to achieve high polarization powers by designing dopants with chiral cores having polar functional groups that are conformationally more restricted when confined to the zigzag binding site of the SmC host.
Professor Scott Denmark from University of Illinois said: "The Patai series is the definitive resource and my first choice when I want to learn something about a functional group; it is the genome of functional groups".
For the same weight ratio of f-MWCNT in PA [6,6/f-MWCNT] nanocomposites with various treated times, the values of [DELTA][E.sub.a] slightly decrease as the weight ratio of functional group increases.
N[H.sub.4+] and P were the only nutrients significantly affected by the removal-fertilizer interaction, indicating that for these nutrients the role of a functional group is partially determined by the environment in which it is found.
Every plant functional group has high-level objectives and targets, and if the raw operational data can be converted in real-time or near real-time into KPIs, then non-compliance to operational targets can quickly be identified, decisions can be made and actions taken.
Those in the functional group had more severe cognitive fatigue than the organic group (a score of 18 out of 40 on the FIS versus 15) and psychosocial fatigue (35 out of 80 versus 29).

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