functional fiber

func·tion·al fi·ber

(fŭngk'shŭn-ăl fī'bĕr)
Isolated indigestible dietary fiber molecules that have beneficial health effects in humans.
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In 2017, Herbafood Ingredients Gmbh introduced an innovative functional fiber ingredient involving all-natural citrus fibers.
The programme of the Tun-tex Events 2018 includes communications entitled "Intelligent and Connected Textile: a functional fiber route that has become a sensor and a generator of energy", "Fashion design: from art to real product", testimonials from " success stories ", a professional fashion show of a ready-to-wear brand, the Fashion Fair contest besides the meeting of the best researcher in Germany Chokri Cherif and the best researcher in France Naceur Belgacem.
Field-emission scanning electron microscope (JSM-6,330 F, Japan) was used to observe the surface morphology of functional fiber (P[A.sub.6]-gLCX-PAH) and P[A.sub.6] fiber.
"Citri-Fi 150 offers pet food and treat manufacturers a cost effective, functional fiber which is unique versus lower functioning fibers on the market," Haen said.
The Bavarian viscose speciality fibers manufacturer Kelheim Fibres offers a wide spectrum of the most varied functional fiber products, and manufactures an ideal raw material for a whole range of technical applications, from nonwovens applications to functional apparel, and from sportswear to filtration.
The emerging technologies regarding functional fiber processing have enhanced the quality of knitwear, such as elasticity, air permeability, softness, and anti-wrinkle properties.
(6) Functional fiber is isolated fiber that is added to foods or used as a supplement.
Resistant starch is a source of functional fiber. It is a type of dietary fiber, since it can deliver some of the benefits of both insoluble fiber and soluble fiber.
Carabin, et al., "Supplementation of the Diet with the Functional Fiber Polyglycoplex[R] is Well Tolerated by Healthy Subjects in a Clinical Trial," Nutr.
Similarly, University of Minnesota researchers' patented process for making HRC results in a functional fiber with very high water hydration that increases moistness and acts as a fat replacer in foods.
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