functional efficiency

func·tion·al ef·fi·cien·cy

(fŭngk'shŭn-ăl ē-fish'ĕn-sē)
The ability of the neuromuscular system to monitor and manipulate movement during a functional activity so as to expend the least possible amount of energy.
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It will improve the functional efficiency of Material Management of Naval Stores and ensure operational readiness of the Navy at all times.
An alternate formulation for functional efficiency is as follows:
The CIO (chief information officer) 100 Awards honour companies that demonstrate excellence and achievement in IT between the demand to ensure functional efficiency and security and the need to drive digital transformation as strategic business partners.
The AIPM's international diploma in project management with its three levels is a qualification of world repute, as it provides skills and functional efficiency through tools, mechanisms, systems and standards necessary for the effective management of projects.
It was all matched for optimum functional efficiency.
Al Roumi said the new Strategic Plan requires greater efforts and enhanced government performance, especially in terms of strategic planning as well as financial and functional efficiency.
The loss of functional efficiency concerning physical activities of daily living causes limitations in functioning in the environment and dependence on other people's care.
If Roberto Martinez's brand of football is deemed to be 'attractive' I am sure most Evertonians would accept a bit of functional efficiency for a few weeks.
They also discussed the issues of functioning of the railway Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran, which was recently put into operation, and agreed on creating bilateral working format with the aim of further deciding the issues of its functional efficiency, activation of interaction between the border and customs services of the two countries.
Singh said, "This terminal is expected to establish new global bench-marks of functional efficiency and operational safety for airports.
Leisure environments should fulfill both functional efficiency and cultural sensitivity, with solutions provided exploring ways to optimize productivity and flexibility for future adaptation, as well as create an uplifting experience for users.

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