functional disorder

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1. pertaining to or fulfilling a function.
2. affecting the function but not the structure.
functional disease (functional disorder) a disease or disorder of physiological function having no known organic basis. Although not strictly correct, the term is often used in psychiatry for disorders that are psychogenic and in other branches of medicine to refer to any that are idiopathic.
functional method a type of nursing care delivery system; see nursing practice.

func·tion·al dis·or·der

a disorder characterized by physical symptoms with no known or detectable organic basis. See: behavior disorder, neurosis.

functional disorder

A condition believed to be psychogenic in nature–eg, chronic abdominal pain, low back pain, chronic fatigue, psychogenic chest pain, chronic headaches

func·tion·al dis·or·der

(fŭngk'shŭn-ăl dis-ōr'dĕr, di-zēz')
A physical disorder with no known or detectable organic basis to explain the symptoms.
See: behavior disorder, neurosis

func·tion·al dis·or·der

, functional disease (fŭngk'shŭn-ăl dis-ōr'dĕr, di-zēz')
Disease characterized by physical symptoms with no known or detectable organic basis.

Patient discussion about functional disorder

Q. What is the best pathophysiology of colorectal cancer. The pathophysiology just has to be brief and concise. It also has to include nursing considerations for the patient.

A. i'm not sure i understand your you mean what is the best treatment for colorectal cancer? patophysiology is the changes the tissue acquired. if you'll give me more details on what you are looking for i'll be more then happy to help you.

Q. I started to suffer from erectile dysfunction? Why is this happening and what can I do to treat it? I am a healthy 52 year old. I have hypertension but i take pills to treat it and my levels are around 130/80. except that I am at great shape. In the last few months I feel that a problem in my sex life. I want to have sex but i can't due to erectile dysfunction. What can be the reason for this? and more important what can I do?

A. get rize2 it lasts about 4 days,and all you have to do is think about sex
and you get a rock hard erection!!!!!

Q. Im a 29 yr old male that has pain after masturbation seems like the longer i go without the better I feel? Should I not masturbate at all? I have had 2 urethral scricture surguries and my doctor he seen no reason for the pain. I feel less of a man because I want to have a healthy sexual relationship with my partner. Should I quit for a long period of time like 6 months and see if the condition will go away? Do you think I may have imflamation or cause damage to urethra from masturbation? Thanks for your time

A. Hi! My guess would be that the pain you are feeling is being caused by scar tissue that has built up from the surgeries that you've had and when you ejaculate that tissue is being forced to stretch in order to allow the ejaculate to pass through the urethra.My ex Husband had something similar after his vascectomy.

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Beginning of it was 15-20 years ago and by advancement in information about the functional disorders of digestive system; academic environments became interested in categorizing a system which can be used for research and improvement.
The most important result of the present study is that significant increases in the CSA of the MF of L4 and L5 and improvement in the functional disorder indexes were observed following stabilization exercises using balls for eight weeks, when compared to general stabilization exercises.
A functional disorder like IBS, says Dr Fayyad, is a lot like having a car which is in running condition but always giving trouble because of dust clogging up its engine.
As with other functional disorders there is no specific cure and symptoms are chronic.
Uneconomical gait, collapsing weakness, hemi-sensory loss for all modalities to the midline are further signs that may be seen in functional disorders, but all physical signs have limited sensitivity, specificity, and inter-rater reliability and restricted evidence base.
The investigators then analyzed the association among demographic factors, functional disorders, and IBD.
Writing about their findings in the journal Human Molecular Genetics, the researchers said that their study improves the outlook for an effective medication against the disease that is frequently played down as a functional disorder.
is developing the ghrelin peptide agonist, relamorelin (RM-131), for the treatment of diabetic gastroparesis and other gastrointestinal functional disorders.
WASHINGTON -- A simple dietary challenge may help identify nonceliac gluten sensitivity in patients with gastrointestinal functional disorders, results of the ongoing, randomized GLUTOX trial suggest.
Mohamed Al Zaabi - Chairperson of the Scientific Committee said: "EGHC 2015 will include important updates on the treatment and prevention of Gastroenterological diseases, including sessions on Acid related and functional disorders, IBD and other enteric diseases and Liver Problems among others.
Tenders are invited for Anesthetics, Analgesics, Muscle Relaxants, Drugs Against Gastrointestinal Functional Disorders
By carefully excluding functional disorders of the pancreatic [beta]-cell and ectopic insulin production (by documenting low C-peptide), a diagnosis offactitious hypoglycemia was made.

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