functional capacity evaluation

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func·tion·al ca·pac·i·ty e·val·u·a·tion

(FCE) (fungk'shŭn-ăl kă-pas'i-tē ē-val'yū-ā'shŭn)
A comprehensive evaluation to determine a person's physical functional limitations and capabilities.
Synonym(s): Work-Capacity Evaluation.
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However, as the requirement for detailed functional capacity information increased, the functional capacity evaluation process emerged (Genovese & Galper, 2009; Warren, Cupon, & Steinbaugh, 2004).
And now, Vancouver residents can undergo Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) through Burrard Physiotherapy.
The acquired company specializes in delivering injury prevention and care, post offer employment testing, functional capacity evaluations and return-to-work services.
The process includes j ob evaluation, medical exams, functional capacity evaluations (FCE), remedial action plans, and program evaluation that are applied to medical fitness determinations.
Texas Mutual investigated EME, an entity that determined impairment ratings and performed functional capacity evaluations on injured employees in Texas.
The new Schaumburg location offers expertise in sports medicine, industrial rehab, performing arts, gait analysis and orthotics, functional capacity evaluations, concussion management and chronic pain to improve the lives of people in the Schaumburg community.
Stainsby's research has focused on locus of control in patients with Huntington disease, and she is currently completing a literature synthesis regarding the prognostic validity of functional capacity evaluations. Currently, Dr.
Guide to the evaluation of functional ability; how to request, interpret, and apply functional capacity evaluations.
Lechner will describe functional capacity evaluations that, when used early in the claims process, can ensure the claim doesn't turn into a chronic ease.
These actions may then be replicated for tests in the clinical setting by occupational therapists to assess, for example, the recovery of ability to perform certain elemental manual tasks (ibid.) Some functional capacity evaluations (which tend, moreover, to be proprietary products) have applied PMTS data, and it is often claimed that they thereby achieve much greater validity than other functional assessments.

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