functional autonomy

func·tion·al au·ton·o·my

in social psychology, the tendency of a developed motive system (for example, motive of acquisition) to become independent of the primary or innate drive from which it originated (for example, need for food).
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the provision of day center services whose purpose is to improve and / or maintain the level of functional autonomy of the elderly in the municipality of yecla, So that they remain in their family environment, In accordance with the provisions of the collaboration agreement between the community of murcia, Through the murciano institute of social action and the city of yecla for the execution of the provision of the day center service for the elderly and dependents.
These agreements pave the way for the creation of the SPV to which the state will delegate powers, granting it functional autonomy and ensuring that the various components of the project move smoothly forward," said Alkesh Sharma.
Established in 1960, IOC is a body with functional autonomy within UNESCO and the only competent organization for marine science within the UN system, according to IOC-UNESCO's website.
Collectively, the findings from the previous studies and their comparison with the present study indicate that water aerobics improves the subjects' functional autonomy and, consequently, the levels of quality of life among the elderly, but it does not seem to change the body composition.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has introduced special reforms to ensure better regulation, management and functional autonomy of cooperative societies.
The Supreme Court, in a landmark judgement on September 22, 2006, ordered the setting up of three institutions at the state level: state security commission with a view to insulating the police from extraneous influences, police establishment board to give it functional autonomy, and police complaints authority to ensure its accountability.
He said that permanent commission for women SSC officers is something that the law itself bars and such an order would annihilate the functional autonomy of the armed forces, the judge, referring to the 2008 rule told the AG.
The IOC is a body with functional autonomy within UNESCO and is the only competent organization for marine science within the UN system.
The functional autonomy of the judiciary has been pawned away in the face of such false propaganda.
Concerning the first, the lecturer underlined that the body's rights imply the need of not depriving it, noting that people are usually unaware of their functional autonomy when their are healthy.
A multinomial regression model including social and demographic characteristics and intersurvey changes and events related to functional autonomy and reproduction was fitted to a categorical outcome measuring the absence (reference), initiation, cessation and continuation of intimate partner violence.
Establishing a strong fiscal policy framework, providing greater institutional and functional autonomy for the central bank, and developing a more formal macroprudential institutional and policy framework would help strengthen macroeconomic and financial stability, the report added.

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