functional age

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func·tion·al age

(fungkshŭn-ăl āj)
A patient who manifests the development and behaviors of a particular age group, which are not necessarily typical of the chronologic age of the person.
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functional age

Age defined in terms of physical or functional capacity; frequently applied to older adults.
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Severity of the developmental delay was categorized according to the overall functional age based on the results of developmental assessments to chronological age.
"We need to teach doctors not to think of a person's chronologic age, but think of their functional age," he said.
Overall, Roush stated, what matters is functional age, not chronological age.
Fifteen percent of rural schools in the survey had a functional age of 35 years or more.
The nine chapters address topics such as: special issues in the helping process, assessment and functional age, psychological aspects of functional age, socio-cultural and spiritual aspects of functional age, the family as a set of reciprocal roles and developmental unit, the functional-age model and individual and family intervention, and group and community-based treatment approaches.
The Functional Age of Hearing Loss in a Mouse Model of Premature Hearing Loss.

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