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[L. fumus, smoke]
Vapors, esp. those with irritating qualities.

nitric acid fumes

The vapors of nitric acid (HNO3). They are used in various chemical processes. Poisoning is produced by the action of the corrosive fumes on the respiratory tract.


Findings include choking, gasping, swelling of mucous membranes, tightness in the chest, pulmonary edema, cough, and shock. Symptoms may last for 1 week or more.


The patient must be removed immediately from the fumes and good ventilation of the lungs maintained. Therapy is given for shock and pulmonary edema. Administration of oxygen under pressure using a mask may be required along with analgesics and anxiolytics as needed. Clothes must be removed if they are contaminated. Steroids may help diminish the inflammatory response of the lungs.

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Intelligence from Greater Manchester fire and rescue suggests that wheelie bins are being set on fire and fumes from the bins are inhaled.
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The UIC researchers wanted to test the naked mole-rat's behavior in acidic environments, so they put test animals in cages that contained various strengths of acidic fumes. The naked mole-rats seemed oblivious to most concentrations of fumes, wandering around in acidic and non-acidic environments for about the same amount of time.
The researchers placed naked mole-rats in a system of cages in which some areas contained air with acidic fumes. The animals were allowed to roam freely, and the time they spent in each area was tracked.
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