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[L. fumus, smoke]
Vapors, esp. those with irritating qualities.

nitric acid fumes

The vapors of nitric acid (HNO3). They are used in various chemical processes. Poisoning is produced by the action of the corrosive fumes on the respiratory tract.


Findings include choking, gasping, swelling of mucous membranes, tightness in the chest, pulmonary edema, cough, and shock. Symptoms may last for 1 week or more.


The patient must be removed immediately from the fumes and good ventilation of the lungs maintained. Therapy is given for shock and pulmonary edema. Administration of oxygen under pressure using a mask may be required along with analgesics and anxiolytics as needed. Clothes must be removed if they are contaminated. Steroids may help diminish the inflammatory response of the lungs.


odorous gases and other volatile materials; inhalation of irritating fumes causes coughing and, if sufficiently severe, irreversible pulmonary edema.
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In crushing industry a bag type filter is used for trapping the fine particulates of toxic fumes [12].
This causes the car to burn more fuel which, in turn, increases the amount of exhaust fumes released into the air.
Further, the Department of Health has stated the fumes are not hazardous at the level of dilution, the company said.
They found that the naked mole-rats had no activity in the trigeminal nucleus 6 a bundle of nerves in the brainstem that serves as a repository for sensory information, including pain -- in response to the acidic fumes.
The researchers were able to quantify the physiologic response to exposure to acidic fumes by measuring a protein, c-Fos, an indirect marker of nerve activity that is often expressed when nerve cells fire.
The study examined 12,000 miners who had been exposed to diesel fumes underground, over a period of 50 years.
According to a senior doctor in a hospital in Islamabad, diesel fumes have poisonous particles and gases which cause simple bronchitis, chronic bronchitis and malignancies.
Because I was the only one who had smelled the fumes, which had since dissipated in intensity, we did not don oxygen or proceed with the procedure for fire, smoke, or fumes from unknown origin.
The men had to be airlifted from Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious off the coast of Hartlepool after being overcome by the fumes in one of the ship's toilets, the Navy said.
A police spokesman said: "It would appear bleach poured down a drain reacted with something already there, releasing the fumes.
Fumes can be generated during torch cutting and welding operations.
In most welding fume cases, the plaintiffs have failed to convince the trier of fact of a connection between the exposure to welding fumes containing manganese and Parkinson's disease or some other neurological disorder such as parkinsonism or manganism.