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a salt of fumaric acid.


/fu·ma·rate/ (fu´mah-rāt) a salt of fumaric acid.

fumarate hydratase

An enzyme encoded by FH on chromosome 1q42.1, which catalyses the reversible hydration of fumarate to S-malate. The mitochondrial isoform is involved in the Krebs (citric acid) cycle; the cytosol isoform is involved in amino-acid-reductive (carboxylation cycle—CO2 fixation) metabolism.

Abnormal expression
FH mutations can cause fumarase deficiency and lead to progressive encephalopathy, see table.

Molecular defects
Fumarase deficiency in fetus
Polyhydramnios, brain defects.

Fumarase deficiency in neonate
Severe neurologic defects, poor feeding, failure to thrive, and hypotonia; attributed to defects in the mitochondrial and cytosol isoforms.

Fumarate hydratase germ-line mutations trigger an array of tumours: Uterine leiomyomatosis and renal-cell carcinoma (Reed’s syndrome).


a salt of fumaric acid.
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The running hypothesis is that dimethyl fumarate works by correcting the immunologic imbalance in psoriasis (shifting from a Th1/TH17 pattern of immune response to a Th2 one).
It does not appear to cause kidney problems or loss of BMD as can be seen with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate.
The FDA also has granted the long-acting beta-2 agonist formoterol fumarate tentative approval for use as monotherapy.
I'm hoping to carry on taking dimethyl fumarate because it was so convenient and it didn't mean that you had to put things on hold when it's time to take the capsules.
Since Oxantel was known to inhibit fumarate reductase in some bacteria, they then successfully tested its ability to inhibit fumarate reductase activity in Porphyromonas gingivalis, one of the major bacterial components of periodontitis biofilms.
The first use of dimethyl fumarate as a medicine was a leap of faith.
It was also found that the addition of up to 500 umol of sodium fumarate in vitro decreased C[H.
One of these unique intermediates is 2-methylbenzylsuccinate, the product of fumarate addition to o-xylene by the enzyme responsible for toluene utilization.
The gene behind the syndrome is called FH because it produces fumarate hydratase, an enzyme that's important for breaking down glucose to produce energy.
On December 17 Gilead Sciences announced that it would make its antiretroviral (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, brand name Viread) available at cost to qualified organizations providing HIV treatment in all 53 nations in Africa, and 15 additional countries classified as "least developed" by the United Nations.
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IVAX Corporation (AMEX:IVX), Miami, has received final approval for the company's Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) for bisoprolol fumarate and hydrochlorothiazide tablets in 2.