full-thickness flap

full-·thick·ness flap

a flap of the full thickness of mucosa and submucosa or of skin and subcutaneous tissues.
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A full-thickness flap was raised using a periosteal elevator (24G) (Hu-Friedy) which enabled bone visibility of 3 mm apical to the exposed root [Figure 5].
Caption: Figure 5: Clinical picture showing raising of full-thickness flap that enabled bone visibility of 3 mm apical to the exposed root
A full-thickness flap technique was made for accessing to the lesion by the vestibular site, especially to have a clean access for the left-lower permanent canine.
Using a Molt elevator, the full-thickness flap was reflected toward the base of the vestibule to expose the bone remnant (Figure 2).
A broad-pedicled full-thickness flap resembling a Dufourmentel flap was prepared to include the fascia over the gluteus maximus from the inferior half of the incision (Figure 2).
The S-type excision can be used only in lesions smaller than 3 cm with a full-thickness flap as described by Krand et al.
An inferior full-thickness flap was developed and the nonunion exposed.
After local anesthesia, the decoronation procedure began with the raising of a full-thickness flap to gain direct access to the ankylosed tooth.
(d) Photograph of 22 at the completion of the decoronation procedure, when the full-thickness flap was placed over the alveolus and sutured with interrupted stitches.
A full-thickness flap that enabled the apical osteotomy line to be drawn 10 mm above the ridge was elevated.