full-thickness burn

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full-·thick·ness burn

a burn involving destruction of the entire skin; deep full-thickness burns extend into subcutaneous tissue, muscle, or bone and often cause much scarring.
Synonym(s): third-degree burn
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full-thick·ness burn

(ful thik'nĕs bŭrn)
A burn involving destruction of the entire skin; may extend into subcutaneous fat, muscle, or bone and cause much scarring.
Synonym(s): third-degree burn.
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full-thick·ness burn

(ful-thiknĕs bŭrn)
Burn involving destruction of entire skin; extend into subcutaneous tissue, muscle, or bone with scarring.
Synonym(s): third-degree burn.
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Two patients suffering from partial and full-thickness burns on 80% and 40% of their body surface area, respectively, were treated with split-thickness skin grafts and epi-SC-derived CEAs.
Caption: The skin substitutes were engineered using split-thickness skin biopsies from 16 children with full-thickness burns, said Steven Boyce, Ph.D.
Although this increased response is not an ideal quality for a laser resurfacing procedure (because it can stimulate the formation of hypertrophic scarring), autologous plate let gel might still play a role in the treatment of deep partial-thickness to full-thickness burns. A highly vascularized bed of granulation tissue might provide better vascular support for a skin graft and ultimately increase the percentage area of graft take.
Therefore, the American Burn Association considers a severely burned patient as anyone who has partial- or full-thickness burns over 20 percent or more of his or her body, which includes the face.(3)
Silver sulfadiazine appeared to disrupt cytokine activity, suppress macrophage recruitment, and inhibit collagen deposition and re-epithelialization in mice with full-thickness burns, according to the results of a study involving 102 mice.
In full-thickness burns, pain sensation can be lost, which masks the severity of the injury.
(4,9) The higher proportion of patients requiring escharotomy is associated with the larger size of full-thickness burns in the AG.
The injuries ranged from superficial to full-thickness burns caused by being in close proximity to the flames, he said..
He has full-thickness burns, meaning the skin won't grow back."
The majority of them have suffered deep to full-thickness burns which have to be treated with skin grafts either from other areas of the injured men's bodies or by using freeze-dried tissue from the hospital's skin bank.