Full Court Press

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A term used by the CDC for an aggressive approach to a potential epidemic, in which all available resources and manpower are sent to a location
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Ranadive coached his 12-year-old daughter's National Junior Basketball team--a team of unlikely and overmatched athletes--to the national championship by running a full-court press all game, every game.
Golden State reportedly applied a full-court press to land Durant.
Anderson's book brings with it several interestingand probably debatablerevelations, such as the fact that the Queen merely "tolerates" her daughter-in-law Camilla, and that it was the Duchess of Cornwall herself, who orchestrated Prince William and the former Kate Middleton's 2007 break-up because she was worried that the photogenic young couple would steal some of her thunder as she made a full-court press to win the title of Purim Queen, or something.
Trump so far has not agreed to anything with Cruz, whose campaign has started a full-court press to goad Trump into the showdown, launching a mini-website titled "DuckingDonald.com" and dispatching surrogates to call him chicken.
With Congress having a crucial say, the White House has launched a full-court press to win over enough members to prevent the accord from collapsing.
A stifling full-court press and aggressive offensive play saw COB cut the 23-point lead to just eight with two minutes remaining.
Three important broadcast industry organizations and prominent members of the media representation community are engaging in a full-court press to promote the wide-spread presence of FM on cell.
The Grand Slam-seeking Mixers buried Barangay Ginebra San Miguel under tons of full-court press defense conversions in the fourth quarter last night to grab solo leadership with a runaway 102-90 victory before a crowd of 17,118 in the PBA PLDT Home Telpad Governors' Cup at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.
With eight days to prepare for Oregon State on Sunday at Matthew Knight Arena, Oregon has been working on its full-court press, and the Ducks sound likely to use it again.
Whether it was a full-court press, half-court press, or an in-your-face half-court defense, Clark kept WPI out of sync offensively.
Ranadive recognized that if players were willing to work hard enough to run a full-court press for an entire game, their efforts would negate any offensive strategy, he said.
Just a few college teams have enjoyed tourney success employing the full-court press. Arkansas brought the heat with "40 Minutes of Hell," and Virginia Commonwealth is known for its "HAVOC" defense.