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The flattened seed, contained in a pod, of various leguminous plants. Beans of pharmacologic significance are alphabetized by specific name.
[O.E. bean]
Drug slang A regional term for any dollop of abuse substance—e.g., amphetamine, crack cocaine, depressant, mescaline
Nutrition A protein-rich plant seed
Examples Baked, black, kidney, lentil, navy, pinto, red, soy, white; beans are high in folic acid, manganese, and soluble fiber, and may decrease the risk of cancer of lung and pancreas, neural tube defects, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and DM

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Q. am allergic to all nuts and seeds, is it possible to be allergic to all legumes as well ie soy beans

A. Yes, it's possible, although not extremely common. You can read more here (

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Carly's dad Robert Harper said: "She enjoyed life, she was full of beans. She started out as a Saturday girl at the hairdressers down the road, then she took it up full-time.
Beans for the bean bags are also supplied from outside and are used to fill the bag covers and waterproof linings made at Full Of Beans.
"He's full of beans and wanting to get back on the pitch and what he brings you can't buy.
RAOUL Moat bragged that he was "full of beans" as he celebrated shooting his ex-girlfriend and murdering her new lover, an inquest jury heard yesterday.
KAUTO STAR is "full of beans" according to owner Clive Smith ahead of his eagerly-awaited appearance in the Punchestown Guinness Gold Cup next week.
MY FOUR-LEGGED FRIEND My life is lacking now it seems, No more am I so full of beans, My little dog is here no more I miss him scratching at the door, His woolly head upon my lap When he required a little nap.
He is normally so full of beans but I think he has lost his."
Other offerings include "chicken saltimbocca" and "full of beans".
The cat-owner, aged 30, of Rollason Road, Radford, said two-year-old Sapphire is full of beans and loves mucking about -and this bit of play-acting is typical of her.
Full Of Beans, based in Church Stretton, has been running for four years and was set up by husband and wife, Clive and Sue Mabbutt.
"Here it was a question of having two players, who both did well against San Marino, and one is telling me he is a bit tired ne t the and jaded, the other one is full of beans. We put the one on who is full of beans and keep the other one up our sleeve.
They are still full of beans for their age and would make a happy addition to a home.