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fu·gac·i·ty (f),

The tendency of the molecules in a fluid, as a result of all forces acting on them, to leave a given site in the body; the escaping tendency of a fluid, as in diffusion, evaporation, etc.
[L. fuga, flight]


(f) (fyū-gas'i-tē)
The tendency of the molecules in a fluid, as a result of all forces acting on them, to leave a given site in the body; the escaping tendency of a fluid, as in diffusion, evaporation, and the like.
[L. fuga, flight]
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According to the recognized conditions of pH and oxygen fugacity for the El Vapor district and the frequent association of gold crystals with sulphides, the most likely mechanism of gold transport is in the form of AuHS[([H.sub.2][S.sub.3]).sup.0], similar to the established conditions for other similar deposits emplaced in sedimentary sequences (Jia et al., 2000).
It has recently been proposed [5, 6] to make use of fugacity-based measures for the traditional concept of relative humidity, which would provide more impetus for simple and accurate ways to calculate the fugacity of liquid water and ice.
Between Bertha's inner flame and the pear tree in the garden, the narrative projects a poetic prose that questions the fugacity and continuity of momentary passions.
On the one hand, we perceive its increased fugacity in these circumstances, and, on the other, how the dramatic force of the events affects its subjective perception, disrupting its linear flow, compressing and mixing the dimensions of past, present and future.
Material is organized in 13 chapters addressing the concepts of internal energy, entropy, and temperature dependence of heat capacities--and the three Laws of Thermodynamics; homogeneous and heterogenous equilibria, fugacity, activity, and equilibrium constant; Effingham-Richardson diagrams; phase rule and phase relations, phase stability, and thermochemical diagrams; phase equilibrium and transformation in metals under high pressures; and thermodynamics of special systems, solutions, electrochemical cells, point defects in binary inorganic compounds, and surfaces and interfaces.
Politics which, though not indifferent to the historical memory, compromise their acts with present and future challenges; politics which compromise without restriction to the fugacity of electoral processes, to parliamentary representation or to the legitimacy conferred by the governments of social and democratic States based on the rule of law, no matter how valuable they are in the mediation established between civil society and governmental powers.
Paterson, Evaluating the multimedia fate of organic chemicals: a level III fugacity model, Environmental Science & Technology, 25(3), 427-436 (1991).
'Fugacity' in the specific material as well as a generic sense was an important aspect of the long-standing tradition of pamphlet publication, which was integral to the circulation of political information and opinion at all levels of society but particularly for gentlemen of the ruling order.
It is a resource that responds to the fugacity of the message in a medium that is conditioned by a limited time of exposure and has no visual references to reinforce the auditory data.
Greek Letters [zeta]: The simulating value of [r.sub.ps] [??]: The counter of p points [[zeta].sub.max]: The maximum assumed value of [r.sub.ps] [beta]: Transformed decision variables used instead of mole fractions [epsilon]: Vector of random numbers in FA [phi]: Fugacity coefficient, Fraction of top fireflies to be utilized in the move--Parameter used in IFA [gamma]: Activity coefficient, Parameter used in IFA [pi]: Number of phases [mu]: Chemical potential [[alpha].sub.0]: Parameter used in IFA [[beta].sub.0]: Parameter used in IFA [rho]: The cumulative probabilistic function of [r.sub.ps] and the fraction of the total number of problems [sigma]: Parameter used in CMAES.
P Eugster, "Fugacity control and dissociation constants of HBr and HI," Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, vol.