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A device for administering injections.


A device for making injections.

jet injector

See: injection, jet

pressure injector

A device that delivers a substance to be injected, often controlled by a timing mechanism, at a specified pressure.
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Sales for automotive fuel injectors are expected to be on an upswing in China with demand projected to expand at a momentous rate in the coming years.
All REMACK fuel injectors have 100 percent new spill and nozzle control valves and tips.
This growth trend is validated by Epoc Messe Frankfurt GmbH, organizers of Automechanika Middle East who are welcoming as many as 50 companies trading in fuel injectors at their show from a total of over 1000 exhibitors.
Average grain size of the zirconia used for this fuel injector application is significantly smaller than the 40 [micro]m average grain size for the MS grade, and 45 [micro]m average for the TS grade.
Average grain size of the zirconia used for this fuel injector application is significantly smaller than the 40 microns average gram size for the MS grade, and 45 microns average for the TS grade.
The Virginia Railway Express (Vre) Is Soliciting Bids To Establish A Contract With One (1) Qualified And Experienced Contractor To Deliver Electronic Fuel Injector Assemblies For Vres Mp36ph-3c Locomotives.
"A dirty fuel injector can ruin your engine because it hinders your vehicle from running smoothly.
When this happens, the fuel injector pump can't meter the increased fuel that's needed to push the load.
MCM's Pro One EUI tester allows operators to test fuel injector performance by automatically comparing a range of performance measurements against acceptance criteria.
And by exploiting the relationship between [NO.sub.x] and particulate matter--where lowering one raises the other--the cam converter kit advances fuel injector timing to decrease particulate matter while holding [NO.sub.x] output below the regulated limit.
Request Free Sample Report @ Port fuel injector design has been traditionally and widely used in the internal combustion engines, however, PFI lacks efficiency in delivering fuel economy as compared to gasoline direct injection.
Subsequent inspection found the number one cylinder's fuel injector broken in half.