frustration tolerance

frus·tra·tion tol·er·ance

the level of a person's ability to withstand frustration without developing inadequate modes of response, such as "going to pieces" emotionally.
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have low frustration tolerance and low educational maturity / orientation.
Reaction Control improves frustration tolerance, decision making ability, and control of one's behavior in spite of mental stress.
Results: Results revealed the presence of significant gender differences with women scoring significantly higher on Depression, Somatization, Anxiety and Low Frustration Tolerance.
Stress can lower frustration tolerance, impair judgment, and strain relationships.
Previous studies have found general behavioural, cognitive and emotional implications of exposure to DV on children including; excessive irritability, sleep problems, fear of being alone, immature behaviour, stunted language development, poor concentration, aggressive and antisocial behaviour, anxiety, depression, violent behaviour, low frustration tolerance, poor co-ordination, problems eating and being passive or withdrawn (McGee, 2000; Elderson, 1999; Osofsky, 1999; Mullender & Morley, 1994; James, 1994).
Point out that frustrations in small doses are crucial for learning frustration tolerance.
He was gradually exposed to difficult tasks to raise his frustration tolerance.
In addition, participants' parents and therapists verified that participants improved a lot on compliance with the rule, gregarious performance, frustration tolerance, emotional control, confidence and the performance of adaptive behavior.
No, it takes some time, practice and considerable frustration tolerance.
Overall, bad mental health is caused by cognitions which breed low frustration tolerance and distort reality.
Frustration tolerance for a good workout has been gauged at next to nothing, especially in societies where movement plays a role limited to typing or walking to and from the car.