fructose 6-phosphate

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fruc·tose 6-phos·phate

(fruk'tōs fos'fāt),
An intermediate in glycolysis and in transketolation of erythrose 4-phosphate.
Synonym(s): Neuberg ester
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For the study of the fragmentation patterns of HMPs, the following substances were analyzed: gal-1-P, glucose 1-phosphate, fructose 1-phosphate, and fructose 6-phosphate. Each substance was dissolved in mobile phase at 20 [micro]mol/L and was infused at a rate of 5 [micro]L/min into the tandem MS instrument.
However, there were marked differences in the relative abundance of fragments m/z 79 and 97, depending on the configuration of the HMP: The examined aldose monophosphates (AMPS; i.e., gal-1-P and glucose 1-phosphate) predominantly generate a fragment of m/z 79, whereas ketose monophosphates (KMPs; i.e., fructose 1-phosphate and fructose 6-phosphate) predominantly generate a fragment of m/z 97.

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