fructosamine test

fruc·to·sa·mine test

(fruk-tōsă-mēn test)
Assessment to help control the blood sugar levels of a diabetic patient during rapid changes in treatment, pregnancy, and erythrocyte loss.
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The Fructosamine test is more efficient than the HbA1c test as it helps to control diabetes by providing information on a person's average blood glucose levels for the preceding 14-21 days.
Fructosamine test was conducted using nitroblue tetrazolium method.
An alternative fructosamine test may be used in these circumstances and it similarly reflects an average of blood glucose leves over the preceding 2-3 weeks.
Glycated proteins in serum: effect of their relative proportions on their alkaline reducing activity in the fructosamine test. Clin Chem 1987;33:1895-7.
LXN's InCharge kit is the only rapid fructosamine test available for at-home use.
* glycosylated serum proteins -- One common test is the fructosamine test, which gives information on glucose status over a one- to two-week period, and is good for watching short-term changes in glucose status during pregnancy or after major changes in diabetes therapy.
Serum glucose was determined by a glucose oxidaseperoxidase method (glucose test; Reanal), serum fructosamine (Roche Fructosamine Test; Hoffmann-La Roche), blood hemoglobin Al, (DIAMAT; Bio-Rad), triglycerides (triglyceride GPO-PAP Test; Boehringer Mannheim), cholesterol (cholesterol CHOD-PAP Test; Boehringer Mannheim) on a Boehringer/Hitachi 717 analyzer.