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Our tester reports that although the products look showy, the effect is more medicinal and one of "doing good" without any over-powering perfume or frothiness.
First, the market is driven by low interest rates and that is creating the frothiness that people are mistaking for a "bubble.
The operetta's familiar frothiness can often seem forced, with all the talk of champagne leaving one longing for the real thing.
It's not the most ground-breaking drama but it does have a captivating mix of frothiness and darkness, with splashes of humour thrown in.
Never use human toothpastes as dogs and cats dislike the flavour and the frothiness.
The contest is always slated for its dire tunes and throwaway frothiness.
The harrowing two parter contrasts dramatically to the frothiness of his next role, in a film of Noel Coward's Relative Values, starring Julie Andrews, Stephen Fry and Jeanne Tripplehorn.
First, Debussy's miniature ballet score, Jeux, which, for all its surface cartoon-like frothiness, has something sinister and psycho-like lurking beneath the surface.