frontozygomatic suture

fron·to·zy·go·mat·ic su·ture

line of union between the zygomatic process of the frontal and the frontal process of the zygomatic bone.

frontozygomatic suture,

n location where the zygomatic bone and the zygomatic process of the frontal bone meet.
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Frontozygomatic suture.

fron·to·zy·go·mat·ic su·ture

(frŏntō-zīgō-matik sūchŭr) [TA]
Line of union between zygomatic process of the frontal bone and frontal process of zygomatic bone.
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PF: distance from the center of the pterion to the anterior aspect of the frontozygomatic suture.
The linear measurement were taken for the PF with the help sliding caliper, one pointed jaw was kept at anterior aspect of the frontozygomatic suture and other at the center of Pterion.
In this study, the parameters studied were distance between the SOF or SON and the nasal midline, distance between the SOF or SON and the frontozygomatic suture, (Fig.
1" indicates the distance from supraorbital notch/foramen to nasal midline and "2" indicates the distance from the supraorbital notch/foramen to frontozygomatic suture.
12,20) The mean distance between the SOF/SON and the frontozygomatic suture was 29.
The frontozygomatic suture is easily palpable on the skin at a notch along the lateral orbital margin at the level of the lateral end of palpebral fissure.
5% followed by infra orbital rim 3% and frontozygomatic suture 1.
In patients with three processes fracture, the combination of frontozygomatic suture, infra orbital rim and zygo-matic buttress was found in 25.
Further, inferior border of the frontal lobe is represented by an oblique line drawn from the frontozygomatic suture to the pterion (Williams et al.
This study therefore aimed at determining the position of the pterion using the mid point of the zygoma and the frontozygomatic suture as palpable points.
Measurements were taken on both sides of the skull from the pterion to the midpoint of zygoma (MPZ) and to the frontozygomatic suture (FZS) using a Manutan[ digital vernier calipers with an accuracy of 0.
No statistically significant side differences were found in the location of the pterion from the midpoint of the zygoma as well as from the frontozygomatic suture.