occipitofrontal fasciculus

(redirected from frontooccipital fasciculus)

oc·cip·i·to·fron·tal fas·cic·u·lus

association fibers consisting of upper (superior occipitofrontal fasciculus [TA]) and lower (inferior occipitofrontal fasciculus [TA]) bundles that extend from occipital to frontal lobes of the cerebral hemisphere.
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Moreover, a significant decline of emotion recognition skills (particularly affecting the identification of negative emotions) has been found related to microstructural changes (measured through fractional anisotropy) in right inferior longitudinal fasciculus and inferior frontooccipital fasciculus in nondemented ALS patients [148].
A different study found that damage anywhere to the inferior frontooccipital fasciculus or the inferior longitudinal fasciculus is associated with impaired emotion recognition [41].
[70] showed increased FA in the inferior frontooccipital fasciculus and superior longitudinal fasciculus and decreased FA in the superior longitudinal fasciculus of the left parietal lobe.