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Mark I., late 20th-century U.S. laryngologist. See: Blom-Singer valve.
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More 11 properties were registered under his another frontman Lado Mall and 10 properties were made under name of Hussain Soomro, another frontman of the PPP leader, the document said.
Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne (see Question 9) Picture: ROSS HALFIN
Sources informed this scribe that the government official, in connivance with the frontman, booked 100 vehicles worth Rs170 million in the name of Sheikh Khalid, a former resident of Mahmoodabad, Karachi.
The band continued their show with their hit songs "I Still Carry On," "Take Me To Your Heart," Hold On A Minute," and "You Took My Heart Away." Frontman Jascha Richter serenaded the concertgoers with "Out Of The Blue" as he went down on stage and shake hands with the people in the VIP section.
London [UK], Nov 11 ( ANI ): Chuck Mosley, the former frontman of alt-metal band 'Faith No More,' has died at the age of 57.
( READ: Chester Bennington's Suicide 'Wasn't A Good Choice,' Says Buckcherry Frontman Josh Todd
Singer Shaun Ryder, the frontman of rock band Black Grape, credits cycling with helping him to get over drug addiction.
Sporting trademark frontman Smith led energy belting hits In between these sets we caught part of Public Service Broadcasting's show, and for those of you who have never seen the musical duo they play instrumental music, using samples from old public information films, archive footage and propaganda.
The former frontman of the Toon's top band proved he could grin and bear it as he abseiled from Baltic on Gateshead quayside to raise funds for a cancer charity.
Huge interest was sparked after previous frontman Jeremy Clarkson was sacked for an "unprovoked physical and verbal attack" on a producer, and co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond, who had presented the show since 2003, later left.
The legendary Black The legendary Black Sabbath frontman played Sabbath frontman played his first-ever solo gig in the his first-ever solo gig in the city in 1980.