frontalis muscle

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fron·tal bel·ly of occipitofrontalis muscle

the anterior belly of the occipitofrontalis muscle. See: occipitofrontalis (muscle).

frontalis muscle

Front half of occipitofrontalis muscle – a facial muscle. Origin: epicranial (scalp) aponeurosis. Insertion: skin of eyebrows, root of nose. Nerve: facial (CN VII). Action: elevates eyebrows, wrinkles forehead.
See: face and head for illus.
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[L.] frontal.

frontalis muscle
cutaneous muscle stretching over the forehead into the upper eyelid.
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A comparison of the mean difference between the same conditions with paired-samples t-tests for the frontalis muscle is presented in Table 3.
EMG of the frontalis muscle was measured to assure that the relaxation response was adequately learned.
The effect of EMG biofeedback only and sedative music only on frontalis muscle relaxation ability.
Direct transplantation of the frontalis muscle to the upper eyelid.
In cases where the levator function is absent or is less than 4 mm, the most effective surgical approach is suspension of the upper lid to the frontalis muscle.
Magnetic resonance imaging detected a lesion deep to the frontalis muscle without large flow voids.
The figure indicates that electrodes were placed over the right frontalis muscle, the left temporalis muscle, the right temporalis muscle, and the procerus muscle, respectively.
The treatment used a total volume of 1 mL, divided into 11 doses that were injected at four sites on the frontalis muscle, two sites on the temporalis muscle, and five sites on the corrugator and procerus muscles.
Due to ptosis, patient uses his frontalis muscle to elevate the lid and in doing so adopts a chin-up head position.
Findings on neurologic examination were within normal limits except for weakness of the right frontalis muscle.