frontal plate

fron·tal plate

in the fetus, a cartilage plate between the lateral parts of ethmoid cartilage and the developing sphenoid bone.
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The frontal plate and parafrontalia of the head are silver-white-dusted.
Head grey-dusted throughout, with exception of silver-white-dusted frontal plate and parafrontalia.
The frontal plate and parafrontlia of the head are golden silver-dusted.
Head grey-dusted all over, with the exception of the golden silver-dusted frontal plate and parafrontalia.
The bicompressed head, with the enlarged and flattened vertex and frons, is referred to as the frontal plate in this work.
carinatus Gross --Forelegs concolorous with mid and hind legs; frontal plate posteriorly angulate (Fig.
In addition, the posterior margin of the frontal plate is more truncate in the latter two species (cf.
Head: Clypeus large, rounded distally, extending well below bucculae; frons strongly flattened, leading edge of frontal plate evenly arcuate, posteriorly truncate (Fig.
However, they differ markedly in the shape of the frontal plate (cf.
DIAGNOSIS: This species is recognized by the following combination of characters: slender species (Figs 9, 10), dorsum mostly fuscous, with orange and white markings; clypeus elliptoid, distally rounded (Figs 2b, 4c, f); frontal plate evenly arcuate, obtusely tapered posteriorly (Figs 2a, b, 4c, d); first antennal segment elongate, bottle-shaped (Figs 2b, 9, 10); second antennal segment cylindrical (Figs 9, 10); labium short; hind tibiae linear, with elongate, pale bristlelike setae; genital opening of pygophore without tubercles (Figs 2g, h, 11a); left paramere L-shaped (Fig.
Head: Leading edge of frontal plate with sparse distribution of short setae; clypeus with sparse distribution of dark, more robust setae; vertex and gula with moderate distribution of more elongate setae; Legs: Femora with moderate distribution of semierect simple setae; tibiae with decumbent simple setae, more dense distally, inter-mixed with bristlelike, semierect setae, latter longer than tibial width.
He now has two frontal plates and 13 screws in his face and cannot engage in the full-contact game for at least a year.