frontal lobe dementia

fron·tal lobe de·men·ti·a

(frŏntăl lōb dĕ-menshē-ă)
Progressive mental disorder with atrophy of the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, affecting mainly behavior and language and characterized by gradual personality changes, speech impairment, and eventual dementia.
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'Tennis is something we can enjoy together' For Brigitte Coombe and husband Ray, 70, the sessions are an escape from the stresses of living with his challenging frontal lobe dementia.
Kailash Chander, who mistook the accelerator for the brake before the smash in Coventry in October 2015, was ruled mentally unfit to stand trial due to post-traumatic stress disorder and frontal lobe dementia. The 80-year-old, who was 77 at the time of the crash, was excused from attending a "finding-of-facts" trial after psychiatrists said he would be unable to give evidence or instruct lawyers with regard to the crash.
He was declared unfit to stand trial due to posttraumatic stress disorder and frontal lobe dementia.
Moira's dad John Robertson passed away in September, aged 74, after suffering from frontal lobe dementia.
His loving wife Sandra said: "My husband battled with the cruel disease of frontal lobe dementia for eight years.
Ex-Peterborough star Chris Turner has frontal lobe dementia and has been unable to walk, talk or eat for five years.
The Perth Magistrates Court downgraded the charge after Fr Byrne's lawyer, Seamus Rafferty, submitted a psychiatric report that the old priest was suffering from frontal lobe dementia which explained the changes in his character and social interaction.
The cause of Pick's disease is unknown; some forms of inherited frontal lobe dementia can be indistinguishable, clinically and histologically, from Pick's disease.
David Peter was diagnosed with Pick's disease, a form of frontal lobe dementia, at the age of just 51, and his family believe he developed the condition even earlier.
Frontal lobe dementia (Frontotemporal Dementia, FTD) strikes people at an earlier age.
If an older problem gambler is suspected to have an undiagnosed frontal lobe dementia, that individual likely would not perform well on questions of judgment and reasoning.