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Conclusion: To conclude, frontal lobe injury patients not only showed poor performance in clinically-driven structured and comprehensive memory tests when they were compared with healthy people but their performance also varied according to the severity of injury.
The inclusion criterion were as follows: (i) ictal or interictal EEG evidence and consistent seizure semiology of clear onset in the frontal lobe (ii) MRI evidence of epileptogenic lesions of the frontal lobe (iii) normal intellectual function as measured by Standard Progressive Matrices.
Quantitative data like ages, distortion score of different regions (base of tongue, body of the mandible, hard palate, orbits/ globes, nasopharynx, pituitary gland, frontal lobe, temporal lobes and brainstem) was presented in the form of mean+ S.
the longer CPL)--though present in all subnetworks--was most prominent in the right frontal lobe.
The frontal lobes are an area in the brain of mammals located at the front of each cerebral hemisphere and are thought to be critical for advanced intelligence.
The researchers also looked at cognitive test scores and brain volumes and found a relationship between larger frontal lobe volumes in fish eaters and higher working memory test scores.
Calcified stage of the cyst (48%) was the most frequent finding-the frontal lobe was commonly affected.
The most troubling cognitive symptoms are those that emerge with injury to the frontal lobe of the brain, the region directly behind the forehead and eye sockets, which is the most commonly injured region in car crashes and falls.
orbit of the frontal lobe, neither right nor left, & of course that
And if you were wondering why narrow handrails and high walls are more of an attraction for some skateboarders than the "flat, dry area" on the warning labels, part of the brain that develops last is the frontal lobe that plays a key role in executive functions, like decision making.