frontal cortex

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fron·tal cor·tex

cortext of the frontal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere; originally, the entire cortical expanse anterior to the central sulcus, including the agranular motor and premotor cortex (Brodmann areas 4 and 6), the dysgranular cortex (Brodmann area 8), and the granular frontal (prefrontal) cortex anterior to the latter; now more often refers to the granular frontal (prefrontal) cortex.
Synonym(s): frontal area

fron·tal cor·tex

(frŏn'tăl kōr'teks)
Cortex of the frontal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere.
Synonym(s): frontal area.

Frontal cortex

The part of the human brain associated with aggressiveness and impulse control. Abnormalities in the frontal cortex are associated with an increased risk of suicide.
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And batteries would be stored beneath the seats as a way of reducing frontal area.
To overcome the greater resistance encountered by larger frontal area, the bullet must be driven faster.
This study focused on the frontal area, and thus, the EEG signal from frontal-related electrodes was collected.
The frontal area of the model covered less than 1 % of the cylinder cross section area to minimize possible blockage effects.
The emerging contours of global geo-politics with the Indo-Pacific emerging as a frontal area for collaboration between our two nations have thrown open a whole host of subjects that will ensure India and Japan find ever more common ground," Mr Joshi said.
The drag coefficients as well as the changes in frontal area can be seen in Table 2.
Type 3 performance was characterized by a stable ERD in the right frontal area, and an ERS including the prefrontal, midline and occipital areas that appeared only during the second before shot release.
The EEG revealed excessive diffuse low-voltage theta slow-wave activity, medium-voltage delta slow-wave activity in the frontal areas maximal on the left and isolated sharp transients in the left frontal area indicative of localised left frontal dysfunction with possible epileptiform features.
The frontal offset crash simulates the kind of head-on collision which involves a quarter to a half of the car's frontal area rather than its entire width.
In the end, the promise of more headroom and a sliding rear bench wasn't enough to compensate drivers for an uglier car with a higher centre of gravity and a bigger frontal area.
The tests included the small overlap test, which simulates a collision with another vehicle or object (like a utility pole or tree), in which a narrow section of the frontal area is impacted.