Bearing villi or other leaflike structures.
[L. full of leaves]
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Contrarily to that observed in this study, high prevalence rates were found in Spanish mackerel Scomberomorus brasiliensis and in parrotfish Sparisoma frondosum from the Rio Grande do Norte (Lima et al., 2005; Cavalcanti et al., 2012).
Occurrence of the isopod parasite Rocinela signata (Isopoda: Aegidae) on marine fish Sparisoma frondosum (Osteichthyes: Scaridae).
The placenta has a foetal portion formed by chorion frondosum of trophoblast derived from the developing embryo.
The maternal portion develops from the decidua basalis, and the fetal portion develops from the chorion frondosum. The fetal tissue combines with the material decidua to form the circulation.
(3) probably the pathogenesis of this type of shape changes may be due to diabetes affecting the chorionic frondosum of the fetal part of the placenta and the macrosomia affecting the fetus.