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Didn't seem to bother that frightfully talented Novak Djokovic chappie too much though, did it?
The garbage patches could be a frightfully efficient mechanism for corrupting our food chain with toxic microplastics," says Eriksen.
GETTING away this half-term is frightfully simple if you travel with Stena Line and with fares from a scarily low day trip from PS5* per person return, a Hallowe'en adventure to delight and distract the kids is a click away.
Is your idea of a country house getaway one of those superbly manicured and frightfully chic Cotswold manor hotels?
the filthy rich--is thrust to the foreground, character definition, dialogue and action wind up frightfully overdetermined.
Researchers decided they needed to know the range, coverage area and other factors of projectile vomiting, but they quickly learned using human test subjects tended to be erratic, frightfully messy and foul smelling.
Conner paints a frightfully accurate picture of the craziness of our society and the pitiful "head in the sand" attitude of our political leaders.
30pm A TV version of the frightfully clever thriller, although only a psycho would risk remaking a Hitchcock classic.
They do get frightfully muddled" The Countess of Carnarvon, chatelaine of Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed.
I too have travelled in taxis with drivers who've been working frightfully long hours.
It will be a frightfully long time - months - before Season 3 arrives for PBS's Masterpiece Classic series.
Even when this enormous white elephant is completed between Birmingham and London and the elite are whizzing back and forth to their frightfully important meetings through what used to be Saxon meadows and medieval villages, Morocco will still outperform the UK in minarets, dates, camels and women wearing veils.