friction burn

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friction burn

tissue injury caused by abrasion of the skin. See also abrasion.

fric·tion burn

(frikshŭn bŭrn)
An injury caused by rubbing against a rough surface, which removes layers of the skin.


injury to tissues caused by contact with dry heat (fire), moist heat (steam or liquid), chemicals, electricity, lightning or radiation. The damage done by a burn includes shock due to the tissue damage, severe dehydration due to the loss of the protective effect of the skin, infection of the burn site, damage to lungs and eyes by exposure to high temperatures and smoke and debris, damage to external somatic addenda including vulva, teats, prepuce, scrotum. The critical decision in a burn case is whether to allow the animal a faint chance of recovery and therefore to continue with treatment. See also bushfire injury.

friction burn
the skin is damaged by the heat created by friction as by a rope burn, or when a dog is dragged by its lead behind a car.
full thickness burn
involves all of the epidermis and the dermis and may include underlying structures, as well. In alternative classification, it is equivalent to third- and fourth-degree burns.
partial thickness burn
involves part or all of the epidermis. Generally, equivalent to first- and second-degree burns.
solar burn
sunburn is noticeable mainly in white pigs, white cats and in dogs with little or no pigmentation on the nose (areas not protected by haircoat) or following close clipping. Of little importance in pigs, other than esthetic importance, but in dogs and cats causes actinic dermatitis, which occasionally precedes the development of squamous cell carcinoma. See also solar dermatitis, photosensitive dermatitis.
sole burn
damage caused to the sensitive laminae of the feet by the prolonged application of an overheated horseshoe during a shoeing session. The horse is very lame and part of the hoof may subsequently slough.
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It's disappointing, after riding for so long, to have got this suspension, but at least I no longer have it on my record that I injured a horse," said Worthington, who argued that Non Vintage had suffered friction burns from continuously bumping into the running rail.
But this time round the marketing company director is braving friction burns to ramp the challenge up to a "crazy" extreme.
Staff were told to keep quiet in the gym after a patient moaned he had suffered friction burns in a treadmill accident which happened when he was distracted by a nurse.
My helmet had a huge chunk out of it and I was lucky enough to escape with a few friction burns.
Shehas alsohadtoundergo skin grafts from her thighs to repair severe friction burns to her arms.
That series was so gritty it could give the viewer friction burns.
Thomas Montgomery was left with a twisted ankle, friction burns and ringing in his ears, after falling through a tear in a bouncy slide at Barry's Romilly Park in July 2004.
Riders who have crashed there tend to lose a lot of skin from friction burns whereas, if you crashed at these speeds somewhere like the Isle of Man TT, you won't be so lucky.
You can wear a short stud on it and you can slide tackle without getting friction burns.
McRae had spent the first day of the event getting used to his renewed partnership with former co-driver Derek Ringer but has also been in considerable pain from friction burns on his behind following a recent fall from a mountain bike.
You might get lots of friction burns on your elbows and knees," warned his trainer but Casper wasn't worried - he's probably used to it in his trade.
In the chaos, several suffered broken bones after landing on the tarmac and friction burns from the slide down.