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Many music theorists of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Vincenzo Galilei and Giovanni Maria Artusi among them, described equal temperament as the sole tuning scheme appropriate for fretted instruments such as the lute and viol.
Wordsquare: FLATTERED after, deaf, deafer, defeat, defer, deflate, deflater, deft, draft, draftee, fade, fader, falter, faltered, fare, fared, fate, fated, fatted, fatter, fear, feared, feat, federal, feed, feel, feet, felt, feta, fetal, fete, feted, fetter, fettle, flare, flared, flat, flatter, flea, fled, flee, fleet, free, freed, fret, fretted, leaf, leafed, left, raft, reef.
Friction track on fretted steel surface [2]: a--polished; b-- vibration burnished.
Goleta, CA, January 02, 2014 --( To boost their already strong OEM and private label business, D'Addario & Company has retained Inside Track International to facilitate global sales of their fretted instrument products.
Their study reports that fretting results in plastic relaxation of the misfit parallel to the fretting direction which extends roughly 0.4 mm below the fretted and laser peened surface, despite the less significant misfit relaxation that is usual to the fretting direction.
Summary: Markets remained under pressure on Friday ahead of the start of budget discussions between President Barack Obama and congressional leaders and as investors fretted over a military escalation in Gaza.