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Also, measure individual distances between a pair of frets, mark and draw a line along the centre of each fret.
While she's overjoyed to see Aaron again, she's panicking that he's a fugitive and frets about his state of mind, especially when she sees he's been self-harming again.
Featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art and Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the instrument, consisting of 31 frets, is a striking minimalist design incorporating rounded cylindrical and ergonomic features.
Fingers and Frets, a group of 14 guitarists aged 13 to 19 from across the borough, scooped a gong at the National Festival of Music for Youth.
He frets that Wal-Mart's promise to cap the premium for organic foods at 10 percent above the price of conventional foods "virtually guarantees that Wal-Mart's version of cheap, industrialized organic food will not be sustainable in any meaningful sense of the word.
It's all gonna come back and bite me on the ass," frets John Leguizamo, who dishes to The Advocate about his forthcoming memoir, Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, and All the Rest of My Hollywood Friends: A Life.
The facades of the 27-story office tower, which are detailed with swags, wreaths, lion heads and frets, are clad in Vermont granite, and defined by Ionic colonnades and Doric columns that recall the Athenian Parthenon.
Always play between the frets, not on the metal fret itself.
Hope frets over her attraction to the belligerent Conn, who feels the same way as neither trusts the other gender.
Robert Schlesinger ("Spars and Stripes," May) frets that Stars & Stripes readers may not get "unvarnished" news.
Unfortunately, this means that they end up living the same lame family sitcom plots every other TV character must endure - Dad feels inadequate to his overachiever wife; Mom tries to shake her workaholism to help her son with a school project with disastrous results; Dad frets over his daughter's new boyfriend.