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the degree to which meat, or other biological material, approximates the state it was in at the time of slaughter or harvest. In meat freshness is determined by the developing acidity due to proteolytic degeneration of the muscle fibers and the oxidation of the fat.

freshness meters
several commercial instruments are available. They depend on the measurement of the pH of the surface of the meat.

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Leveraging the industry's first dynamic freshness metric--"the ZIPR code"--Zest Fresh is providing Hy-Vee with traceability data and continuous real-time visibility of the remaining freshness capacity of the grapes.
From a supply chain perspective, reducing the window between the farm and the breakfast table is about preserving the natural freshness and purity of our milk this is one of Fonterras competitive advantages globally.
The competition was divided into 3 levels, each one focused to bring out the uniqueness and freshness quotient of the contestants.
Available in 250 and 500 ml in Intense Freshness (seen in picture), Lavender Freshness (seen in picture), Provence Freshness, Natural Freshness
For commercial manufacturers, the longer freshness cycle offers more dwell time in the warehouse as well as in transit.
In surveying mom bloggers who have tested the pads, 92% love them and would recommend them to their friends, so we're confident that adding the highly recognized Febreze Freshness to the new pads will be very well received.
Febreze Set & Refresh is said to make use of a unique technology that releases scented oils for odor elimination and long-lasting freshness.
com) is taking industrial bread to the next level of freshness with the launch of the broadest range of anti staling enzymes on the European market.
The new Coffee Vault storage canister features the patented Friis Freshness Valve that automatically releases CO2 gases generated by the coffee roasting process.
The Quality & Freshness Guaranteed logo started going on fruit & veg as well as salads and a number of meat and fish products last week.
The freshness level of meat begins to drop right after the poultry being slaughtered.
P&G has rolled out an improved Ultra Downy April Fresh, billed to deliver a week's worth of freshness in just one wash.