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Audit of the clinical use of fresh-frozen plasma in Umbria: a study design and results of the pilot phase.
Basic blood components for ABD requirements transfusion Red cells Compatible with patient's plasma * Fresh-frozen plasma (FFP) Should be compatible with patient's red cells * Platelets All ABO types acceptable;, but components compatible with patient's red cells are preferred Cryoprecipitate All ABO types acceptable.
WAIKOLOA, HAWAII -- Early administration of fresh-frozen plasma to address coagulopathy can potentially reduce mortality, according to a study of 97 patients who received massive transfusions.
* When FVII replacement is necessary in deficient patients, options include fresh-frozen plasma, prothrombin complex concentrates, and recombinant FVIIa.
[2] If C1 esterase inhibitor concentrate is not available, an infusion of 2 to 4 U of fresh-frozen plasma might be useful in replacing inhibitor levels.
Patients with the disorder are usually treated with fresh-frozen plasma or plasma-derived prothrombin complex concentrates (plasma products containing a combination of vitamin K-dependent proteins) to stop or prevent bleeding.