fresh frozen plasma

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1. the fluid portion of the lymph.
2. the fluid portion of the blood, in which the formed elements (blood cells) are suspended. Plasma is to be distinguished from serum, which is plasma from which the fibrinogen has been separated in the process of clotting. Called also blood plasma. adj., adj plasmat´ic, plas´mic.

Of the total volume of blood, 55 per cent is made up of plasma. It is a clear, straw-colored liquid, 92 per cent water, in which are contained plasma proteins, inorganic salts, nutrients, gases, waste materials from the cells, and various hormones, secretions, and enzymes. These substances are transported to or from the tissues of the body by the plasma.

Plasma obtained from blood donors is given to persons suffering from loss of blood or from shock to help maintain adequate blood pressure. Since plasma can be dried and stored in bottles, it can be transported almost anywhere, ready for immediate use after addition of the appropriate fluid. Plasma can be given to anyone, regardless of blood type. (See also transfusion.)

Plasma volume is sometimes measured in order to calculate the total blood volume. The most common method for determining plasma volume is by injection of a dye (T-1824, called Evans blue) into the circulating blood and, after the dye has been dispersed throughout the body, using the dilution of the dye to calculate the total blood volume.
antihemophilic human plasma normal human plasma that has been processed promptly to preserve the antihemophilic properties of the original blood; used for temporary correction of bleeding tendency in hemophilia.
blood plasma plasma (def. 2).
citrated plasma blood plasma treated with sodium citrate, which prevents clotting.
plasma exchange the removal of plasma from withdrawn blood (plasmapheresis) and retransfusion of the formed elements and type-specific fresh frozen plasma into the donor; done for removal of circulating antibodies or abnormal plasma components.
fresh frozen plasma plasma separated from whole blood and frozen within 8 hours; it contains all the coagulation factors.
plasma thromboplastin antecedent deficiency hemophilia C.
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fresh fro·zen plas·ma (FFP),

separated plasma, frozen within 6 hours of collection, used in hypovolemia and coagulation factor deficiency.
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fresh frozen plasma

Therapeutics A blood component, separated from whole blood which provides 80-120 mg of fibrinogen and ≥ 80 units each of factors VIII and XIII Indications PT > 16 secs, acute liver decompensation, massive hemorrhage, transfusions where > 10 units of packed RBCs cause coagulation factor depletion; FFP is administered pre-operatively in Pts with coagulopathies–eg hemophilia B, in therapeutic apheresis, DIC, ITP, TTP, HDN
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fresh fro·zen plas·ma

(FFP) (fresh frōzĕn plazmă)
Separated plasma, frozen within 6 hours of collection; used in hypovolemia and coagulation factor deficiency.
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fresh fro·zen plas·ma

(fresh frōzĕn plazmă)
Separated plasma, frozen within 6 hours of collection, used in hypovolemia and coagulation factor deficiency.
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The transfusion of fresh frozen plasma is necessary for the clinical management of many patients.
During the surgery 6 units of packed red blood cells, 4 units of fresh frozen plasma, and 2 units of platelets were given.
When she examined details of each patient's transfusion protocol, it was immediately apparent that the protocol of a one-to-one or higher ratio of fresh frozen plasma to packed red cells was not being applied.
With the cases of dengue rising in the Capital, AIIMS has directed all the departments to use platelet concentration and fresh frozen plasma rationally The move came after the Department of Transfusion Medicine complained that both the products are being returned to the blood banks after the prescribed time of their use i.
Plasma derived products carry a risk of transfusion-transmitted infections, and fresh frozen plasma is not ideal for prolonged administration due to volume overload.
Fresh frozen plasma must be given 10-20 ml/kg every 8-12 h in order to replace the procoagulant and anticoagulant proteins consumed in the disease process.
Bleeding attacks in patients with afibrinogenemia are treated with fibrinogen concentrates, cryoprecipitates and fresh frozen plasma (3, 10, 11).
Saba further said that blood components such as the platelets, red blood cells and fresh frozen plasma are separated as there are hospitals that need platelets more than red blood cells and they tend to waste the product they don't need.
Although the patient received 7 U each of packed red blood cells (PRBC) and fresh frozen plasma (FFP) over the next 5 hours, she continued to have low hemoglobin and hematocrit values.
She was immediately intubated by Dr Omesh, Senior Anesthetist on call, and blood transfusion was started and she received a total of 17 units of blood in addition to fresh frozen plasma and platelets.
In addition to the implicated unit of platelets, fresh frozen plasma was also derived from the original donation but was not transfused.