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the degree to which meat, or other biological material, approximates the state it was in at the time of slaughter or harvest. In meat freshness is determined by the developing acidity due to proteolytic degeneration of the muscle fibers and the oxidation of the fat.

freshness meters
several commercial instruments are available. They depend on the measurement of the pH of the surface of the meat.

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Dear Fairy, the fairest flowers have cheered me with their sweet breath, fresh dew and fragrant leaves have been ever ready for me, gentle hands to tend, kindly hearts to love; and for this I can only thank you and say farewell.
Over hill and valley they are blooming fresh and fair as summer sun and dew can make them.
The fresh wind bore them gently on, and soon they stood again beside the brook, whose waves danced brightly as if to welcome them.
The sight was good to her, nor did she under-appraise the lines of the slender ankle above the low tan tie nor did she under-appraise the delicate yet mature swell of calf outlined in the fresh brown of a new cotton stocking.
Fresh from the shattering chaos of her sister-in-law's mind, Billy's tremendous calm was especially satisfying, and Saxon mentally laughed to scorn the terrible temper he had charged to himself.
After the mush we had fresh bread and sorghum molasses, and coffee with the cake that had been kept warm in the feathers.
We laid her head for the nearest port in Spanish America, for we could not risk the voyage home without fresh hands; and as it was, what with baffling winds and a couple of fresh gales, we were all worn out before we reached it.
7 : newly made or received <a fresh wound> <fresh news>
Fresh sauces are fast to make and can be served cold, warm, or piping hot, depending on the dish.
Therefore, an adjustment to record a deferred tax asset or liability as a result of such a difference should not be made when recording a fresh start.