frequency of micturition

fre·quen·cy of mic·tu·ri·tion

micturition at short intervals; it may result from increased urine formation, decreased bladder capacity, or lower urinary tract irritation.
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Fever was high grade associated with chills, dysuria and increased frequency of micturition, dull aching diffuse abdominal pain and weight loss.
[23,24] Dysmenorrhea associated symptoms manifesting either as backache, myalgia, increased frequency of micturition, nausea, vomiting and others constituted the most common medical problems among the participants in this study, this seems to be in agreement with Akshara et al., and Ramya.
We focused on LUTS, including abnormal frequency of micturition, urgent urination, cough (or sneezing) leakage, dysuria, and urinary incontinence.
A 25-years old unmarried male complaining of dysuria and increased frequency of micturition for a week was referred to the Urology Clinic.
Other symptoms were dysuria (45.8%), increased frequency of micturition (25.8%) and dyspareunia (16.7%).
###increased frequency of micturition. (Reference estimate of pre-test
cardiovascular abnormality (polypnoea, variable pulse strength), increased frequency of micturition with intermittent incontinence along with persistent isoasthenuria, congested mucus membrane, cachexia, mild diarrhoea, off-feed condition, ocular discharge, prolonged capillary refill time (CRT) coupled with hyperthermia.
Data analysis of our study showed that 316(60.8%) of the study population reported the symptom of frequency of micturition. Stress incontinence and voiding difficulties were reported by 37% and 35.2% respectively.
"Patient can have urinary symptoms like burning micturition, urgency, and frequency of micturition. Condition can be sexually transmitted as well," said the doctor.
21 March 2011 - Japan-based pharmaceutical company Astellas Pharma Inc (TYO: 4503) today announced the results of two pivotal Phase III clinical trials for mirabegron, the first of a new class of compounds under development for the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB), show mirabegron significantly improves key OAB symptoms - urinary incontinence and frequency of micturition.
Coverage includes an introduction to medical diagnosis; critical illness; cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and neurological presentations; miscellaneous presentations such as frequency of micturition, hematuria, joint pain or swelling, back pain, pyrexia of unknown origin, anemia, and skin rash; and biochemical abnormalities.
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