frequency domain

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fre·quen·cy do·main

the expression of a function by its amplitude and phase at each component frequency, usually as determined by Fourier analysis.
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In particular, he examines frequency domain techniques for analyzing the stability of linear time-invariant (LTI) systems, partly because he can explain them easily using the tools of graduate-level classical control for systems without delays-that is in terms of eigenvalues, pole placement, complex analysis, root locus, and Nyquist stability criterion.
Frequency domain analysis consists of the high-frequency (HF) band, low-frequency (LF) band, very LF band (VLF), and LF/HF ratio.
There was significant variation in heart rate variability frequency domain parameters being reduced in positive responders to active phase of head-up tilt test as compared to negative responders.
He said the TRA will allocate the frequency domain 3400-3700MHz after coordination with the Ministry of Finance.
He added that TRA will allocate the frequency domain 3400-3700 megahertz after coordination with the Ministry of Finance.
The Green's function describes the half-space response in the time/space domain, and its counterpart in the frequency domain, describing the spectral response of the half-space to a Dirac delta function, is referred to as the FRF.
The frequency domain expressions of EM field components at a point on or above the surface of an n-layered earth due to a finite horizontal circular loop of radius a, carrying a current I[e.sup.i[omega]t] and placed at the height z = -h above the surface of layered earth model, can be found in [9].
The time domain focuses on features from a single beat, such as the ratio of each peak within one pulse wave, while the beat-to-beat variations will be taken into consideration in the frequency domain. Figure 7 and Table 1 show the area of S1 (cardiac systole) and S2 (cardiac diastole) and other relevant parameters in the time domain.
And last the NBI is eliminated to the most extent in the frequency domain. In order to verify the performance of CMDA-WFrDCS system designed in this paper, the formula of the WFRFT optimal order is deduced, and the capacity to anti-NBI is also analyzed.
For many years the commonly used indicators of load and fatigue were determined in time or frequency domain on the basis of Fourier transform.
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